small (10-15pp) $25.00

medium (15-25pp) 40.00

large (25-35pp) $60.00

All chicken is boneless, skinless, fresh chicken breast. We use a mixture of butter lettuce, spring mix and iceberg for most salads. Most dressings are homemade



* Sesame Chicken Salad

Mixed greens, chicken breast, rice noodles, peanuts, sesame seeds .Sesame dressing


  * Sunrise Salad

Butter lettuce, spring mix, spinach, artichoke hearts, kidney beans, black beans, red onion and avocado.

Sesame dressing


* Peking

Napa cabbage,  chicken breast, wontons, green onion, honey-soy dressing



Spinach, hard boiled egg, croutons, diced tomato,

bacon bits. Bacon dressing


* ​Turkey &  Kale

Romaine, kale, quinoa, turkey breast, almonds, raisins, parmesan. Lemon vinaigrette dressing


* Garden

Butter lettuce, spring mix, iceberg, fresh veggies, ranch & italian dressing


* Chicken Caesar

Romaine, chicken breast, croutons, fresh parmesan. Creamy caesar dressing


* Cobb

Butter lettuce, spring mix, iceberg, turkey breast, egg, tomato, bleu cheese, cucumber.Ranch dressing


All salads available without chicken & buffet style



Great  variety of breads, rolls, gluten free $7.00pp


Tuna Salad 

Chicken Breast 

Turkey or Chicken Club 

Smoked Turkey Gouda



​Smoked Turkey


Chicken salad

Ham & Swiss 

Roast Beef 






Box Lunches

Sandwiches and salads

Hot food options on next page



  • Pasta with meatballs or chicken (pesto or marinara sauce)

  • Tacos/Fajitas with chicken or ground beef

  • Chicken breast

  • Chicken Tenders

  • Tofu

  • Quinoa (red or white)

  • Black beans, kidney beans

  • Sliced lunch meat

  • Sliced or shredded cheese

  • Vegan bread/Tortillas

  • Roasted vegetables

  • Burger / hot dog

  • Burrito with quinoa, meat, cheese, black beans

  • Roasted Sweet potatoes


  • Brownie bites

  • Assorted fresh baked cookies

  • Homemade mini or regular pies

  • Vegan/gf options

  • Variety of dessert bars

  • Broccoli, Asparagus, Celery, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, vegetable, cold mushroom, cucumber, lentil, Chicken noodle
  • Any soup available in cream style

Our catering company has operated from a commercial kitchen for over 28 years. That allows us a low overhead, resulting in no food waste, making only food that is pre ordered, and passing those savings on to our customers. Our catering lunch menu is always changing with new and exciting ideas. 


Sunrise Kitchens Catering

 We are closing our business after 29 years!

Thank you for all you've done to

support us.

Thank you for supporting  Sunrise Kitchens Catering and small businesses.