Choose 5-6 options for$18.00pp.

$25.00/hour per staff to pass

Caprese Kabobs
Mini chicken & waffles
Pinwheel Sandwiches
Greek Sushi
           Dessert Platter

                         More Choices

  • Wonton cups with Caesar salad or quiche

  • Homemade mini banana cream, chocolate cream and pumpkin pies

  • Veggies with ranch dip in a cup

  • Mini pigs in a blanket

Mozzarella, meatball and pasta bites
Cucumber lox and cream cheese 
Teriyaki meatballs
Macaroni & Cheese Hot Bites
Pita triangles, roasted red
pepper hummus, green olives
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Sunrise Kitchens Catering

 We are closing our business after 29 years!

Thank you for all you've done to

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Thank you for supporting  Sunrise Kitchens Catering and small businesses.